Science and Technology Question Bank (English)-TMH


The question Bank is designed to offer extensive practice in the core UPSC subject I.E. Science and Technology. Each question is designed keeping the inter-disciplinary nature of the paper in mind. Questions are drawn from static concepts and collated with current happenings in India and the world to be able to form a complex question that test the application of core concepts.<Br>all the solutions are accompanied by explanations which provide a backward linkage path that guide the thought process of the students to be able to arrive at the correct answer. All the sets also contain an OMR sheet to provide exam-like interface to students and help them practice the set topic wise.


salient features:

more than 1000 high quality Questions framed as per the examination pattern

addition of 2019 UPSC Preliminary Examination questions with explanation

micro division of each Chapter

Chapter wise questions, answer keys and justifications

detailed explanation with each solution with backward linkage to basic concepts

every Chapter as well as the previous years papers contain an OMR sheet at the end for practice

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